Seneca Lake Loop (Bike Trail)

DISTANCE: 78 miles

TERRAIN: Moderate, with one long climb leaving Watkins Glen

PARKING: Lakeshore Park at the north end of the lake, on NY 5 & 20


Start: At Lakeshore Park

0.0 Ride west on NY 5 & 20.
0.7 Turn left onto NY 14 South. Continue on NY 14 to the village of Watkins Glen at the south end of the lake.
35.4 In Watkins Glen, turn left onto NY 414.
37.0 Bear left on NY 414 as it leaves NY 79. You will pass through the towns of Hector, Lodi, and Ovid.
60.0 Turn left onto NY 96A.
75.1 Turn left at NY 5 & 20 and continue west back to Lakeshore Park.

Route by Brendan Brady